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FREE HLPA Lunch & Learn – Fire Walls, Fire Barriers, and Fire Partitions

Please join us at our upcoming FREE HLPA Lunch & Learn

Presentation by: Ethan Martin, PE Associate – DCI Engineers, Seattle

Wood Design and Detailing of Fire Walls, Fire Barriers, and Fire Partitions for Light-Frame and Mass Timber

Understanding, defining, and detailing fire rated assemblies in wood-framed buildings is a difficult task. Wood is combustible, but dimensionally stable and code defined as a fire blocking material versus other construction materials within the same construction type, leading to confusion. This presentation reviews the basics of fire design to produce code compliant and constructible detailing for wood-framed fire rated assemblies and wood elements. Fire walls, fire barriers and fire partitions and their differing capabilities and detailing requirements are covered including structural stability, continuity, intersections, joints and penetrations, and fire-resistance ratings.

Date: November 19, 2020
Time: 12-1pm
You will earn 1 LU/HSW
Location: ZOOM
Price: FREE
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Learning Objectives:

  1. Attendees will review the concepts of fire design and methods available through the building code and design guides for determining fire-resistance ratings.
  2. The differences between fire walls, fire barriers and fire partitions are defined including requirements for structural stability, continuity, and how penetrations are allowed. Detailing of each fire rated system is covered including areas lacking code definition utilizing rational approaches and rational approach technical manuals.
  3. Horizontal fire rated assemblies are discussed including detailing aspects of fire resistance for intersecting vertical assemblies.
  4. Attendees will learn when is primary frame, primary frame, and when do columns or beams require individual fire protection versus when are members defined as part of the light-frame vertical or horizontal assembly.
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