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Slash pine and eucalyptus saligna harvested from the Kokee Timber Management Area in January 2020 for HWUT's Accessory Dwelling Unit demonstration project. Photo credit: HWUT

Growing Hawaii’s Wood Industry Resources: Hawai‘i Wood Products Directory Seeks Participants

Hawai‘i Island (February 5, 2020) — The mission to promote healthy and productive forests and a sustainable forest industry through forest management, education, planning, information exchange, and advocacy has been the seed for many Hawai‘i Forest Industry Association (HFIA) forest related projects throughout Hawai‘i. HFIA, as a member of the Hawaii Wood Utilization Team (HWUT), was tasked with leading the development of a HWUT website, which features a Wood Products Directory. The Directory connects buyers and sellers of Hawai‘i’s wood products and services.

A Dedicated Partnership
The HWUT is a dedicated partnership bringing together experts from a cross-section of wood product related markets in Hawai‘i. The team includes members from forestry, architecture, design, engineering, wood products, construction, finance, marketing, research and Hawaiian cultural practices working together to strengthen and expand the Hawai‘i’s wood product industry.

The HWUT website was launched in 2019 and to date, the online directory includes 225 vendors. Michael Tam, CEO Martin & MacArthur CEO and HFIA Board Member represents HFIA in the Team. He stressed, “This Wood Products Directory is a valuable resource for Hawaii’s government entities, businesses and others in the forest products industry. Most importantly, it connects buyers and sellers of a variety of Hawaii’s wood products and services.”

The Wood Products Directory goals include:

  • Highlighting and increasing awareness of Hawai‘i wood-related products and services;
  • Strengthening and expanding Hawaii’s wood products industry by facilitating and promoting the use of wood in new and existing markets (focusing on but not limited to Hawai‘i grown wood);
  • Connecting landowners, loggers, timber and non-timber forest product buyers and sellers, forestry consultants and contractors, educators, manufacturers, designers, wholesalers, retailers, and others interested in providing or utilizing wood products and services;
  • Encouraging the development and support of existing businesses dedicated to the use of wood;
  • Assisting architects and builders in finding the suppliers and partners they need to commercialize a product or project;
  • Providing information about the industry including economic, environmental, and social/cultural benefits; and
  • Informing consumers about the benefits of buying wood products from Hawai‘i growers, manufacturers, and retailers.

In an effort to continue to grow and enhance the online directory, HFIA is encouraging buyers and sellers of wood products and services to create a profile listing. Businesses listed in the directory have the additional advantage of being notified when wood-related opportunities statewide become available including timber sales and requests for proposals by the State, HFIA and others. Creating a profile is free and takes only a few minutes. Anyone interested in being listed or consumers looking to supplies or services are encouraged to log onto

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