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The Hawai‘i Wood Utilization Team oversees various projects with the purpose of promoting the use of hazardous fuel forest resources:

CLT Demonstration

HWUT is working to Implement Hawaii’s first commercial CLT demonstration project and help expedite code adoption by state and local…

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Preserving Knowledge

To preserve the technical knowledge of industry experts in Hawai'i, HWUT is working to generate a technical industry report to…

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ADU Demonstration Project (Active)

Tree species such as eucalyptus saligna and southern pine were harvested from the Koke‘e Timber Management Area on Kaua‘i and…

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Termite Resistance of Treated Mass Timber Panels (Active)

 Conduct a study on the termite resistance of mass timber assemblies using the advanced technology in preservative treatments and test…

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Market Sample Wood Bundles (Active)

To promote the use of Hawaii plantation species and test market potential, sample bundles were provided to secondary wood processing…

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I+I Student Challenge (Active)

 HWUT donated 250 board feet of kiln-dried eucalyptus grandis to the 2020 I+I Student Challenge to encourage students to be…

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Wood Processing Facilities Business Visits (Completed)

HWUT and the US Forest Service conducted field visits to sawmills and wood processing facilities on the four main Hawaiian…

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Dry Kiln Training Course (Completed)

Conducted a wood drying “short course” to improve kiln operator and local wood products manufacturer knowledge about how to properly…

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