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Tai Lake Fine Woodworking

Tai Lake Fine Woodworking

Tai Lake carves in Koa, Mango, Ohia, Monkeypod and many other species of acacia native to Hawaii. Using trees from the nearby Greenwell Ranch, Tai mills the wood to his artistic requirements on-site using a portable sawmill. This former architectural woodworker thrives on the wood’s rich colors: blonde to dark-brown, with reds, golds, and even yellows describing them as an “infinite variety of grain”.

Each year, Tai crafts around 70 studio-furniture pieces from tables, chairs, desks, and chests; about half are commissioned and the rest destined for a handful of galleries. When the Dali Lama visited Hawaii in 2012, Tai carved the chair for His Holiness with the lines contributing to “the flow of his message and a place holder when His Holiness was not present.”

Tai’s rocking chairs, have become his signature pieces as “the components are balanced, and everything is proportional and scaled.” For those hunting for that hand-crafted piece of furniture that was carved out of a lifetime of experience, Tai Lake is woodworking at its finest!

Tai Lake
P.O. Box 1677
Holualoa, Hawaii 96725
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