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Taylor Guitars

Taylor Guitars

Do you love guitars? We make premium acoustic guitars, custom guitars and electric guitars. Find your fit at


Acoustic/Electric 300-900 series 12-string, Doyle Dykes Signature Model, Koa, Nylon. Acoustic Series GS, GA, DN, GC, Legacy, 12-string, Koa. Presentation Series. T5 an electric/acoustic hybrid. Solidbody Classic (Ash), Standard (Tamo Ash) and Custom-Walnut/Koa. 100 and 200 series. Baby and Big Baby Taylor guitars, T3, Parlor, 8-string baritone, 6-string baritone, 9-string, Taylor Swift Baby Taylor, Serj Tankian T5, Dave Matthews 914ce, 12-fret, build to order, plug and play pickups, K4, expression system

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Bob Taylor

, Hawaii
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